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Preventing ADD & ADHD Prescription Drug Abuse

How Dr. Levinson prevents adult and teen abuse of ADHD stimulants and obtains better results with his groundbreaking treatment!

As reported by Child/Adolescent Psychiatry:

“Stimulant abuse-related calls to poison control centers rose 76%, general substance abuse calls rose 59%, and adolescent substance abuse calls increased 55% over the 8 year period [1998?2005]”

reported by National Poison Data System and published in the September issue of Pediatrics (2009; 124: 875-80; doi: 10. 1542/peds. 2008-0931).

Dr. Levinson’s Groundbreaking Research

According to Dr. Levinson’s pioneering research within Total Concentration and Smart But Feeling Dumb, ADHD was discovered to result from a signal-scrambling dysfunction within the inner-ear and its super-computer — the cerebellum. And most important, rapid and dramatic improvements often result by using inner-ear-enhancing antihistamines and nutrients alone and/or combined with low doses of concentration/CV enhancing stimulants.

Dr. Levinson’s Clinically-Based Protocol

As a result of Dr. Levinson’s clinically-based treatment protocol developed over a period of 4 decades with more than 35,000 successfully treated adults and children, drug abuse and addiction have been significantly reduced or eliminated vs. those of untreated patients. Most important, one must carefully diagnose and frequently monitor patients and the prescribed medications they use:

  • Utilizing non-stimulants and nutrients — often in place of stimulants.
  • Combining inner-ear/cerebellar enhancing medications and nutrients. Thus the required doses of stimulants needed to control impulsivity/activity and concentration/distraction are most frequently reduced by half or more. And overall improvements are dramatically increased.
  • Blame Faulty Therapeutic Protocols vs. Beneficial Medications

By contrast, when the above protocol is not followed, then drug abuse may occur as the above study highlights. And mistakenly, the drugs are blamed rather than the use of a faulty protocol for drug administration. By analogy, it’s like blaming the car for an accident when it is driven improperly.

Total Concentraion by Harold Levinson

ADHD was discovered to be of inner-ear origin and responds most favorably to inner-ear enhancing medications. Hence the relationship between ADHD, phobias and dyslexia.

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